Author: Johnny Romero

F@&L is not a 4 letter word 🤫

Well at least not in the figurative sense. There’s certainly a stigma around admitting, let alone sharing publicly when you – say it with me – fail. So, once again let me clear the air… I’ve failed a lot! I’ll take it one step further and say I’m happy to admit it. However, the truth is failures are your […]

Announcement – The J3 Collaboration Project & Self Esteem Brand Partnership

The J3 Collaboration Project “Champions of Diversity” is very pleased and excited to announce that it has entered into partnership with Self Esteem Brands. Self Esteem Brand is the parent company of Anytime Fitness, The Bar Method, Waxing The City, and Basecamp Fitness. The goal of this partnership is to make the dream of African […]